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It is important to note that throughout any treatment you choose, we advocate and practice aseptic techniques with our products and we use single use or autoclavable instruments wherever possible, this is for each patients added protection against cross infection.   This includes our 'no double dip' system for applying nail polish.

Please Note: 

Health care settings have not changed their guidelines and as per our Professional Bodies we continue to have Covid-19 procedures in place. All our PPE and consumables costs have risen (some more than 1000%!).  To enable us to keep our treatment prices minimal,  when you attend your appointment you will be asked to bring with you and wear a face mask (ffp2 filtration or above) or a face visor/eye goggles, unless you are exempt.

Medical Foot Health Care

Initial and Medical Foot Health Care Treatment

Your first visit to us will be Inclusive of Sensory, Vascular and Visual assessments, a medical history will be taken along with care and attention to any or all :-

*Skin *   Nails - ingrown, fungal, thickened    *Callus Reduction   

 *Verrucae Treatment  *Corn Removal.    *Diabetic patients foot care, individual treatment and assessment plans.  *General moisturising and gentle massage

For subsequent appointments our patients experience the same attention and care always with a visual assessment first.    Sensory and Vascular assessments are periodically performed dependant on medical status.



Fungal Nail Procedure and Treatment

If you have a fungal nail problem, you may be suitable for the Lacuna Treatment Method.  An initial assessment is needed, where your needs and expectations from the treatment will be discussed.

Fungal Nail Testing

If you believe you have a fungal nail problem, before you buy or decide on any course of treatment (which can be an expensive exercise if you don't know what you are buying), we are now able to offer a test to determine if there is in fact a fungal nail infection.    You will need to make an appointment and come into clinic where results are available before you leave.   Should you have a positive result you will be given advice and again your needs and expectations from any treatment will be discussed. 

ToeNail Reconstruction


An initial consultation is required and included in your first appointment.

Pedisafe is an advanced aesthetic nail reconstruction and remodelling system.  

Curable in UV light, it contains anti fungal and antimictrobial agents.  Used for enhancing nails damaged by fungal infection or injury, and also for bracing ingrowing nails.  

Pedisafe can be used on both hands and feet as a simple preventative overlay.  Pedisafe. adapts to the movements of the toe and the forces exerted on it.  

               DB Wide Fit Shoes


Personal Shoe Fitting Service and Sales

Individually priced styling

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